Joint process:
1. Submit information: Click to download application data
2, Data review: Derry automobile material audit for franchisees
3. Inspection and negotiation: franchisee inspects Derry company and negotiated cooperation matters.
4, Contract signing: the two sides sign a contract to determine cooperation matters.
5. Preparation for opening up: payment margin, shop location, construction and acceptance.
6, Formal opening: the official launch of the business
Jointing notes:
1. An independent legal entity approved by the industrial and commercial departments.
2, With the relevant qualifications issued by the transportation management department.
3, Have the economic strength to meet the needs of the Derry automobile project.
4. It has the business premises and management team to meet the requirements of the operation of the automobile store.
5, Can supply satisfied aftersale service include repairing works for our cars and commercial vehicles .


8:00 - 18:00


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